Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Girl Crush

All the pop music out there right now, like the big heavy hitters, are all girls!
I feel like this is the late 90's all over again and I'm loving it!

I have some serious girl crushes happening right now and I just thought I'd share.

Heidi Klum
Just saw an interview with her on and she has a shoe line out and a sportswear/everyday line on amazon. Plus, the new season of Project Runway is getting ready to start filming. Can't wait!

Lady Gaga
Loving the teal wig that she's been rocking lately.
Love love love the new album, of course!
Her fashion is ever changing and growing and I can't wait to see what she's up to next.

Even with all the controversy surrounding her latest music video, which I like, her album is solid.
There is no denying that she is rocking this one out and is sooo sexy along the way.

Britney Spears
Hate to admit it, because I hated her for so long, but the Femme Fatale record is grand!
So much fun pop/dance/electronica music that is perfection for summer

Nicki Minaj
What's not to love?
She has crazy clothes, outrageous hair, a banging body and fantastic music!
Love Pink Friday and am obsessed with her in the new Kanye video "Monster"

Florence + The Machine
Just released a cover of a Buddy Holly song and the music video was shot in New Orleans.
So much fun to watch and of course she sounds amazing.
She could sing a phone book and I'd listen.

Nicola Roberts
Just released her first single after Girls Aloud parted ways, or whatever, Beat Of My Drum.
I can't get enough of the song and I ADORE the video.
So upbeat and fun and the video has everything... hot girls, great dancers, a marching band, cute kids... something for everyone!

Her album, 21, blew me out of the water!
She has the most amazing, sultry, lovely, smoky, classic voice.
It just gives me goosebumps.
And then the power behind those pipes is even more enthralling.
She's fantastic anyway you cut it!

Has a new video out for her single "Rabiosa"
She's super hot as usual but I really like the song too.
I've been listening to her older albums alot recently (even though I have no idea what she's saying) and am really looking forward to another one.

I think its a horrific name.
I don't care how it flies in the UK, ew.
Especially when the voice and message attached to said name is beautiful.
I heard a couple of her songs and I loved it.
Hopefully I can find her cd stateside because she has huge potential.

Kristin Chenoweth
Always love her.
She just seems so sweet and bubbly and nice and genuine.
She has a new country single out called "I Want Somebody" and its airing on CMT.
The video is kind of... eh, but I really like the song.
If she puts out a country album, I'll be so excited.

So yeah, lots of girly girl stuff happening out there and I'm loving it!

June is also Gay Pride Month and I am looking forward to the Hope Center Gala on the 18th and also the festivities on Market Square on the 25th.
I just love getting the girls and our kids together for a little family time during Pride!

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