Wednesday, August 1, 2012

A few words on chicken

I am sick of this media shit storm that has taken over the country regarding Chick-Fil-A!
Now now, don't get me wrong... I do NOT patronize their company... but I haven't in years because the information that everyone is freaking out about has been available for much longer than the most recent quote by the CEO.

Here's the catch people, this is what we all need to understand and then move the EFF on... They are free to support whatever causes they please. It's their constitutional right! And here's yours... you don't HAVE to give them your money!

I disagree with their politics, although I respect their religious foundations. There are hundreds of other chicken joints in the country, ones with better food and lower prices, ones that are open on Sunday (which in my opinion is the best day to eat fried chicken), and probably one or two of them will also cater to your political/moral/personal values. 

Does no one remember shit hitting the fan a few years ago because Target wouldn't let the Salvation Army ring the bell outside their stores??? Oh everyone was pissed! Just about as pissed as they are at Chick-Fil-A now. Did any news sources pick up that Target also told an LGBT softball league that they couldn't circulate fliers in their parking lot? No! Why? Not as big of a deal at the time. Target doesn't let ANYONE sell/fundraise/etc outside their stores because they don't want a discrimination suit against them for allowing some but not others. I agree wholeheartedly, make a policy and stick to it dammit!

If you are interested in where the money you are giving a company is going, then you can get online and Google it! Not very difficult!

Companies such as Target, Wal-Mart, K-Mart, and Domino's pizza (just to mention a few) have had their names in headlines in recent years for charitable contributions on both sides of the political fences. 

If you care then you should educate yourselves, be aware! If you disagree, then spread the word! But let's not all act like Chick-Fil-A being a christian business with christian values is any kind of damn surprise to the populous!  

So shut up and buy you're chicken somewhere else!

It's up to you to educate yourself, do not be herded by the media, and this is a prime example of that!

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